Monday, January 28, 2013

Potty, Party, Job

M finally went on her potty!! Once last night and once today after lunch. While I really don't mind changing diapers and I don't want to rush her, I am still really excited!!
She turns 2 on Saturday. We are having a small party with just family and a couple of very close friends. If everyone shows up, we are expecting about 19 people. I'm still not sure how I am going to fit everyone in this tiny place, but I'm sure it will all work out. I am excited for my parents to come visit for a few days. Especially since they are helping us out with a couple of things for the party (food, chairs, drinks) since things are so tight for us right now.
Both C and I got interviewed to do a CNA course starting next month. I am hoping we both get called back for it so that we can finally move out of this place and start getting off GA. But, the big problem is going to be what we are going to be doing with M while we take these classes because they are 4 days a week, 8 hours a day for 1 month and we can't afford daycare and the stupid state has a waiting list for state assisted daycare. So I am still not sure how that is going to work. Worst comes to worst (or is it, worse comes to worse? I can never remember...) only one of us will take the class and then the other will just have to wait to take the class. And I think if that happens, as much as I want to do this and have a job, I am going to just let C take the class and I will continue to stay home with M. If that is so, I am definitely going to try and join MOPS or something so that we can get out of the house a little more. And even if there is only one of us working in this position, I am still hoping that we are going to be able to move out of this place and out to the town that the nursing home is. This will help us to save on gas and wear and tear on the car.
I am also hoping that our income tax is going to be good this year as well. We are already planning on buying a new mattress, but that's about our only plan. I am REALLY hoping we can use the rest of the money to help us move or something. In case you haven't noticed, I really hate living where we are living. It was helpful for awhile, but now I think it's just hurting us.
I guess we will just wait and see what happens. No sense in planning too far ahead I've learned. Things never seem to go as planned!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slippers and Stairs

Took a tumble down the stairs this morning bringing the minion down after we woke up. Needless to say, boot slippers and going down the stairs do NOT mix. Luckily, it was only the last few stairs before the gate, so we didn't have to far to fall. I turned so I wouldn't drop M and landed on my hip. Honest to God, I thought I broke it at first. But, now I'm pretty sure that I am just going to have a very nasty bruise for awhile.
M is alright, was just scared at first because I was screaming for C to get up and because I was in so much pain. She was fine after C took her and put her down with her toys so I know she is not hurt. I am extremely sore, but am still able to move around pretty normally so I don't think anything is broken or seriously injured. I'm thinking I may have possibly bruised my hip bone, but I feel as though that may be a stretch.
So I have learned my lesson. No more stairs with these slipper boots!! Even though they are really, really comfy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Views and Ideas

I am at almost 1100 page views! That is awesome!!
Thank you to all those who have taken the time to stop by.

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been wanting to post, but have been lacking ideas for topics. I had all these great ideas of what to post when I started this blog, but like a big 'ol dummy, I never wrote them down or anything so now I am at a complete loss.

I am planning on doing a "Get to Know Me" post in the near future (sometime this week hopefully. I will begin working on it tonight), but my brain comes to a stop of ideas after that (and even that wasn't entirely my own idea!!). I am having complete writers block.

What would YOU like to see on this blog? Any ideas?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stomach Bug

Our household has been struck by the stomach bug.

It started with M the other day. I went to go get her up that morning to find out that she had puked at some point during the night/morning. She never even cried!! She was a mess the rest of the day, cranky and poopies. Thankfully, no more puke. This mommy doesn't do puke, so thankfully daddy was here to deal with the puke portion.
That night, I started to feel yucky. Upset stomach. Needless to say, I spend the majority of my night and yesterday in the bathroom. C let me stay in bed all day, and didn't bother to tell me that he, too, had been throwing up all morning. He finally decided that he needed to lay down for a bit, so I went downstairs to sit with M for awhile.
Needless to say, yesterday was no fun in this house.
I am feeling way better today, was even able to eat some toast with butter and jelly. I cannot wait to be able to take shower. I still feel kind of yucky and am thinking that I am going to need a nap  later today.
Hopefully by tonight, I will be 100% better. That would be wonderful!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tragedy and Politics

At this point, I am going to go ahead and assume that everyone has heard of, and is just as sickened as I am, the tragedy that occurred in CT yesterday.

20 children, murdered carelessly because one lone human being decided he had no other outlet for his anger and frustration.

This angers me beyond belief.

But what has REALLY gotten to me between yesterday and today (and the reason I haven't been able to say too much about this situation other than the fact that it's horrible...and even that is not a strong enough word.) is the fact that this tragedy has to turn into POLITICS.
Why is it that our society has to be SO incredibly hyperfocused on politics?! I understand that is part of the life we lead, but does it really have to consume our WHOLE lives? It couldn't be enough that 20 babies (I mean, these children were Kindergartners, they were BABIES) had to lose their lives in such a malicious way, but people actually have the audacity to turn this into a political debate. What is wrong with people?!
I know this is rambling and all over the place, but I am having an extremely difficult time processing the selfishness of some people at a time like this.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Horrible, Terrible

Those are two words that describe me as a blogger, LOL!
Sorry for not keeping up my posts.
Once again, here is a post with a promise (hopefully I won't break it this time) that I will try to be better about updating and posting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Currently laid up in bed in excruciating back pain. Had to practically beg the doctor's office to get me in somehow tomorrow. What did I do to hurt myself? Exercise. My back apparently doesn't approve of me trying to be active. Which is very frustrating. All I want to do is lose weight, be healthy and fit. But, no. I am asking that an MRI be done, just to make sure there is nothing there causing my back pain like a slipped disk or something. Hopefully, it's nothing and I can get back to working out soon.