Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tragedy and Politics

At this point, I am going to go ahead and assume that everyone has heard of, and is just as sickened as I am, the tragedy that occurred in CT yesterday.

20 children, murdered carelessly because one lone human being decided he had no other outlet for his anger and frustration.

This angers me beyond belief.

But what has REALLY gotten to me between yesterday and today (and the reason I haven't been able to say too much about this situation other than the fact that it's horrible...and even that is not a strong enough word.) is the fact that this tragedy has to turn into POLITICS.
Why is it that our society has to be SO incredibly hyperfocused on politics?! I understand that is part of the life we lead, but does it really have to consume our WHOLE lives? It couldn't be enough that 20 babies (I mean, these children were Kindergartners, they were BABIES) had to lose their lives in such a malicious way, but people actually have the audacity to turn this into a political debate. What is wrong with people?!
I know this is rambling and all over the place, but I am having an extremely difficult time processing the selfishness of some people at a time like this.

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